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Copper Eavestroughs
While your outdoor drainage system has to be durable, resistant and functional, it does not have to be unattractive. There are many options to consider when selecting the best material for our eavestroughs, but it is important to remember that while a functional system will protect your home investment, unsightly structures can truly take away from the curbside appeal of your property. This can devalue your home in the long run. Copper Works Canada provides homeowners the desirable option of strong durable custom eavestroughs combined with the attractive quality of copper. Not only will you be protecting your home, copper can actually enhance its look.
Custom Copper Drainage System
The professionals at Copper Works Canada can inspect the exterior of your home in order to determine and implement a drainage system that is effective as possible. The importance of effective gutters is undeniable. Eavestroughs gather rainwater and snowmelt and work together with conductor heads and downspouts to properly direct water away from your property. Water can cause severe damage to the foundation of your home that can be irreparable or very expensive to correct. When allowed to seep down the walls of a house, water can enter the existing cracks of a foundation and will cause them to expand further upon freezing. Water will also cause mould to grow inside the home, creating an unhealthy living environment for you and your family.
A copper drainage system complete with customized eavestroughs is truly the best option to protect your home investment. Copper is the most durable material in face of the harsh Canadian climate. It is not susceptible to rust and it has a life span of up to 100 years, therefore it is a low-maintenance material that will not need to be repaired or replaced as quickly as other materials such as aluminum or metal. When complete with copper gutter brackets, homeowners will not have to fret when it comes to intense winds knocking down branches. Copper eavestroughs are able to withstand heavy weights that no other material can. In addition, copper contains natural elements of algaecide and fungicide meaning that it will naturally decompose harsh blocking culprits such as leaves and moss. This added component only increases the low-maintenance factor of copper eavestroughs as homeowners will spend less time cleaning out gutters.
Attractive and Green
Not only is copper the most practical option for your outdoor drainage system, it is quite simply the most attractive. The professionals at Copper Works Canada can custom design gutters, conductor heads and downspouts to enhance the overall look of your home. Copper is also a green-friendly material. It is recyclable and will never be left to sit in a landfill. Therefore, you can be satisfied that your home is a green home.
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